Class Descriptions Bluffton

FiT Barre

FIT Barre is a hour ballet inspired experience that shapes you, tightens you and also strengthens you to who you want to be. Through a combination of dance conditionings, isometric and toning principles., FIT Barre focuses on incredibly, efficient tiny pulsating movements and stretching. The result is longer, leaner muscles while promoting quick recovery and minimizing soreness. Your FIT Champion will guide you through warm-up, light-weight upper body movements, planks and much more. Every session is unlike the one before, moving you through a combination movement around the ballet to build strength and lean muscle. As you close your session the focus will be shifted to abs and a quick cool down. Stretch your mind, stretch your body, and change your life.

FiT Cycle

FIT Wheel is a heart pounding, fat burning, full body workout. For one full hour, you will escape the outside world and travel to wherever your mind and body desires. Your FIT Champion will have your climbing hills, sprint straight a ways, and much more while you lose yourself in the beat of the music. This class is great for all ability levels through variable resistance. You can make the workout as easy or as challenging as you’d like. Get ready, board the cycle, and begin your journey!

FiT Camp

FIT Camp is the foundation of our brand. Our name comes from Functional Interval Training. A multi-level intensity workout in group setting to provide maximum change to your body in just one quick hour. Our proprietary workouts are designed to be unique in every session. Utilizing the motivation of group training. Your FIT Champion will use a variety of movements and different exercise equipment including treadmills, rowing machines, suspension training, free-weights and functional equipment to help maximize your success and reach your fitness goals. Our highly energized team, group accountability and unique workouts, will deliver a challenging, fun, interactive, and also efficient way to get in shape.